SOS – Save Our Spit


SOS… The Save Our Spit Alliance and GECKO have organised a peaceful protest on Sunday November 4th at Doug Jennings Park at the Spit. If you are against any development around the Spit and the GC Seaway such as cruise ship terminals and casinos, then you are urged to attend the protest which will kick off at 10am.

It appears that our Council and State Government have bandied together and are allowing almost anything to be brought forward as a proposal for development. As long as there is a cruise ship terminal then it seems that a casino and/or Hotel or whatever can be listed along side… its open slather, the developers even get to choose their prefered site. Ric Grosvenor, the CEO of Sembawang, calls it smoke and mirrors (Sembawang pulled the plug on the recently proposed Wave Break Island development – thank goodness), and he thinks a development around the Broadwater like this will not happen.

So, thousands of surfers and general public are expected to turn up to the protest. Get there early and show your hand that you respect this area and oppose any such development that will forever inhibit the freedom and quality of life that relaxing parkland, enjoyable open space, and good clean water provides for us around here.

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Carvin' it up at the Spit

Carvin’ it up at the Spit

Lovely clean water

Lovely clean water

Gearing up for the paddle back

If development does move forward I reckon a paddle across here will be near impossible in the future



Spit summer day

A typical warm sunny day at the Spit

Twilight at the Spit IMGP3735

Twilight at the Seaway

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