We are in a bit of a lull today. Not much happening wave wise along the coast. TOS and the southern points are the pick but there were also a few coming through on the open beaches, just a bit hard to find a good bank. Winds are forecast to go Easterly later so an arvo surf probably wont be much. Looking forward to the weekend, a bit of swell is on the cards at this point.

The water clarity is looking good, nice and clear, if you are a diver or snorkeler, may be a good day for you to take a dive.

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Little Ripper

5:51am – On to a little ripper


5:53am – Looking Northward from the Point


5:55am – Good to have a bit of space

Surf before school

5:56am – best thing, a surf before school


5:57am – few little waves but a bit of a lull at the moment

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