Wavebreak Island Proposal


A $4.9 billion dollar development has been proposed for Wavebreak Island. The birds eye view plan provided here looks striking (but is it the right location?), taking the quiet Island from its natural settings to a hub of activity. From the cruise ship terminal coupled with a large marina and all the locals visiting, there will be very much hussle and bussle going on around this new precinct.

Many changes will occur if this concept is brought to life, two terminals to cater for the cruise ships, numerous superyachts and an estimated 400 berth marina, will forever change the Island, the Broadwater, and a large slice of the Gold Coast. Also proposed are the 1500 room hotel, Casino and an Aquarium…..

There are well known for issues and against debates for such an under taking, I’m sure you have many more…


– An estimated boost to the economy

– An estimated 260,000 visitors

– New recreational facilities

– Jobs


– Detrimental disaster to the existing sea and surrounding wild life

– Loss of one of the last remaining vassels of nature on the Gold coast

– Pollution

– Congestion on road and water

Not sure if you have dipped your head under the water there and dived or snorkeled the area, but if you have, you will notice that under the sea, there is a whole world of nature going that you do not fathom from above the surface.

You can leave any comments below or you can comment to Facebook. You can also read about this further in the Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin.



Wavebreak Island

Wavebreak Island

Ferry Line Up

There may be a few more obstacles crossing the Seaway…ie: Massive boats.


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