this is living


Gold Coast spit, this is living.

5:45 am – Gold Coast spit, this is living.

Is this living?

Doesn’t really get much better than this really does it? Nice warm morning, a little wave that was not too bad on the sets, board and a towel.

The surf was a little small but if you waited long enough the sets gave a little ride and at the Gold Coast Spit this morning there was a little crowd enjoying the waves as they came on through.

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beach cycle

5:48 am – beach cycle

Golden light

5:51 am – Golden light

the seaway

6:08 am – the seaway

little curl

6:09 am – little curl

Bringing in lunch

6:11 am – Bringing in lunch

Surfing the Gold Coast

6:17 am – Surfing the Gold Coast

Not too bad a wave on the sets

6:18 am – Not too bad a wave on the sets

Rocky stuff

6:20 am – Rocky stuff

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