The Hustle


Taken at Burleigh on Saturday. Quite a beautiful morning with good surf, meaning a number of surfers out hustling for the waves. When one person sees a set and paddles, the rest follow. The problem is, sometimes there are just so many dudes and limited waves that drop-ins occur….sometimes unavoidable but other times, well, it’s just not cool doing that.

On the flip side, the forecast is looking pretty good for a surf for the rest of the week and over Easter….fingers crossed we get more waves and weather like this.


Green wall

Look at that wall


yas 1

Yasu, now standing


yas 2

Yasu, not standing any longer


drop in

Look behind you


drop in

Nice wave, this happens when it's crowded



Steve on a Good one


paddle 2

Still going


paddle 3

Not one to put up with drop ins, this is one way to keep em off ya wave



Beautiful Greenmount



Greenmount - What an outlook

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