Back to School


Today signaled the return to school for most students on the Goldie, some pupils had an extra day off for a pupil free day though. There wasn’t much in the way of surf that for those not able to make it to the beach anyway so you didn’t miss much. It was relatively small and little messy (this was at midmorning). At least the sun was shining giving us a bit of warmth.┬áSee it is still warm enough to surf in boardies, at least when the Sun is out.

A nice move surfing backwards shown below, was the guy with the moe. Best moe I’ve seen for a while, he gets the moe of the month award for sure.

Looks like mid-week will be the better days for a wave.

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11:04 am – Surfing small ones

Keeping it alive

Keeping it alive

School Holidays Rock

School Holidays Rock

Burleigh Towers

11:07 am – Burleigh Towers

Dreggie Day

11:08 am – Dreggie Day

Lots of wash

11:08 am – Lots of wash

Yeah nice work, surfing backwards

11:08 am – Yeah nice work, surfing backwards


11:08 am – The moe of the month

School can wait

11:09 am – School can wait

Burleigh mid-morning

11:10 am – Burleigh mid-morning

Building Speed

11:11 am – Building Speed

Some Action on a small wave day

11:11 am – Some Action on a small wave day

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